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Frequently Asked Questions

Machine Quilting

Do you do custom quilting?
No, not at this time.  Perhaps in the future!

I have multiple quilt tops in my order. Should I do anything special to prepare them for shipment or delivery?

It would be great if you attach a letter or note explaining any wishes or instructions you have for each quilt. Please put the top and the backing you are sending for each quilt in its own bag for protection from the elements.

Is shipping or delivery included in the price?

No, you are responsible for shipping or delivery/pick up. We cannot be responsible for lost items. It is recommended you send a prepaid label with your order for return shipping. When we ship your order back to you, we will require a signature for delivery.

What is the turnaround time?

I always ask for 4 to 8 weeks to complete your quilt and a few days longer for adding the binding. Most times it will be completed before the 8 weeks but on rare occasions it can take the full amount of time. If you have a special request with time constraints let us know.  We will try to work with you.  Please understand there may be an extra cost in this type of circumstance.

If I want Kelley's Quilt Shop to add the binding to my quilt do I need to have it ready and pieced together?

That is your choice. If you do choose to make the binding please make sure it is at least 3 inches wide after folding in half lengthwise and ironed.  During our consultation we will help you decide how much fabric you will need to send.


Width 60 inches x 2 = 120 inches

Length 100 inches x 2 = 200 inches

120 + 200 = 320 inches + 20 more inches for overlap

= 320 inches of binding x 3 inches wide. You would need approximately 1 yard of fabric if it was 43 inches wide.

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