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The Machine Quilting Process


            Once we receive your quilt top it is inspected and photographed. If there is a question about something or we find a little issue, we will call you and resolve as best we can. I will load your quilt on the machine and lovingly quilt it. It is a beautiful process to see a quilt top come to life! It is inspected again. Then, should you choose the option, bound with the binding of your choice.  Last we ship back to you or call you for pick up!


If you choose, you may provide the batting material.  It can be purchased at your local craft store or Walmart.  Please note batting must be 4 inches bigger on all 4 sides than the quilt top in order to machine quilt it.


If you would like for me to provide the batting material there will be an additional charge.   


Binding the Quilt

I can send the quilt back to you unbound or I can machine bind it for you. This service is an extra charge. See above pricing. If you supply the binding fabric you will need approximately 1 ½ yards.   

If you would like for me to choose the binding fabric, you must provide color/style preferences.


Back Fabric

You can supply the backing fabric. It must be 6 inches bigger on each of the 4 sides than the quilt top.  I can choose the backing for you, but you must provide color/style preferences.  This service will be an extra charge.


*Note: The back and batting need to be bigger than the top in order to load it on to the machine correctly.


No thread charge for first color.  You may request a specific color of thread. I will try to match it as close as possible. There are hundreds of colors of thread and I cannot carry them all.  I usually pick a thread that blends into the fabric.




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